Friday, June 10, 2016

Kumpulan Aplikasi Nilai Kelas VII Kur 2013 dan DKN

Kelas VII A
Hj. Noor Sa'diyah, S.Ag., M.Pd.I.(Excel)
Hj. Noor Sa'diyah, S.Ag., M.Pd.I.(Rar)

Kelas VII B
Hj. Khoridah, S.Ag(Excel)
Hj. Khoridah, S.Ag(Rar)

Kelas VII C
Aris Ikhmawati, S.Pd.(Excel)
Aris Ikhmawati, S.Pd.(Rar)

Kelas VII D
Saniman, S.Pd.I. (Excel)
Saniman, S.Pd.I. (Rar)

Kelas VII E
Widyastuti, S.Pd.(Excel)
Widyastuti, S.Pd.(Rar)

Kelas VII F
Izza Zulfana Hidismia, S.Pd.(Excel)
Izza Zulfana Hidismia, S.Pd.(Rar)

Kelas VII G
Eko Sari Prasetyaningsih., S.Pd.(Excel)
Eko Sari Prasetyaningsih., S.Pd.(Rar)

Kelas VII H
Farida Ariyani, S.Pd.(Excel)
Farida Ariyani, S.Pd.(Rar)

Kelas VII I
Sri Zaniati, S.Pd. (Excel)
Sri Zaniati, S.Pd. (Rar)

Kelas VII J
Hj. Sri Dian Cahyani, S.Pd.(Excel)
Hj. Sri Dian Cahyani, S.Pd.(Rar)

Kelas VII K
Urwatul Aniyah, S.Pt.(Excel)
Urwatul Aniyah, S.Pt.(Rar)


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